... Giuseppe, Artist Spirit Guide, via Mary Anderson, PhD., ThD., LCSW, Spiritual Director, and founder of the Cardinal Center for Healing, and author of Awaken To Your Soul, A Guide To Remembering Who You Really Are.

Visionary art is often referred to as psychic art, or spirit art.  Visionary art transcends the physical world.  It expresses a wider vision of awareness including spiritual and mystical realms. Melody’s clairvoyant and artistic abilities allow her to see the other side and sketch spirit guides, deceased loved ones and past lives for you. 

What can you expect when requesting a Spirit Sketch? 

Receiving a Spirit Sketch is always surprising.  During a session with Melody a number of people on the Other Side will show up for you.  They decide among themselves who will step forward for the sketch. So, it may be a family member, a dear friend, your pet, a former favorite teacher, your Spirit Guide or Guardian.  Sometimes family members that you have never met or you were too young to remember will sit for their portrait.  They do this because they want you to know they are alive and well although not in physical form as you are.  They want to communicate with you.  This is one way to do so.  It’s “Hey I am here for you!”  It is very common for them to send helpful and identifying messages as well as sitting for their portrait.

Spirit Sketches are completed in pastel and pencil on archival paper; those mailed are protected within an archival bag and a rigid mailer.

Spirit Sketches are done in person, by phone or by remote.  Melody can do a Spirit Sketch for someone she hasn’t met.  She just needs the name of the person and it is helpful to have a birthdate.  But a month and day is just fine. 

To schedule your Spirit Sketch contact Melody at melkrafft@msn.com or (703) 631-3244.