Client Testimonials

I want to tell you about an event in my life.  The event is Melody Krafft.  During my first reading with her I watched her as much as listened to her words. She looked into my eyes and my heart and then became quiet. I could see that she was seeing what I cannot yet. She was hearing what I cannot yet. Through her psychic ability I came to know my guides and their attempts to communicate with me. Their words were soothing for me and brought confirmation about inklings I’d had, feelings I’d wondered about. Through Melody’s encouraging words I could sense the support that was available to me on the Other Side. 

I have spoken with other mediums but my time with Melody is different. Melody’s intention is not only to communicate the support available to me but also to teach me to access that support myself. It is her belief in me, in all people, that they can do this for themselves. This makes Melody a different kind of medium because she is part teacher and guide as well as seer.

To help me develop in this area she sketched a picture of one of my guides. It is a visual aid for me and helps me be one step closer to accessing this guide on my own. I have relied on the picture, now embedded in my mind, to help me when I need support or when I want input beyond the power of my meager brain.

Yes, Melody is a different kind of medium. For sure she is a seer and an artist, but beyond that she is a teacher and guide. And I am grateful.

Marti, Virginia

"In Praise of Melody Krafft
3rd April 2012

I had the great pleasure of meeting Melody at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, England in 2010. We were both enrolled on a Mediumship development course and got to know each other quite well during the week. It was immediately evident that Melody was a wonderfully gifted psychic artist and she spent much of the week providing portraits for us of relatives and loved ones who have passed over.

At the end of one session, Melody approached me and said that she felt that a portrait she had completed was for me. When I looked at it, I was astounded. It was the very likeness of my brother Barry, who had passed over five months earlier. The hair, eyes, nose, ears, mouth and stooped shoulders were his. I was in no doubt that indeed, it was him. It was wonderful to know that he was with me and it really helped me to get through a difficult period in my life. Melody also drew a portrait of my Sister's Brother-in-Law, who had passes to Spirit some ten years earlier. I sent both pictures to my sister and she confirmed that both pictures were an incredible likeness and captured the essence of our loved ones.

Melody had never met me before and I had not mentioned that my brother had passed to Spirit so there is no way she could have known. She has a remarkable talent as well as being a kind and compassionate person. She has a gift that brings warmth and healing and I highly recommend her work to you."

Paul Connor,
Harlow, Essex

Melody made four Spirit-Sketches for me and they are all stunning.

I sat down in a meditation with Melody (she in America, me in Europe) and I asked my guides (or whoever wanted to) to appear to Melody.

You can imagine how nervous I was, waiting for the sketches. When they arrived I was more than just pleased. First of all: One sketch confirmed what I was already told by another medium: I have a monk-spirit-guide. Secondly: I knew the lady-spirit-guide which Melody drew. I often met her in my meditations, and I got her personality confirmed with the help of the internet: I found a picture of her online (which matched the sketch Melody did). The third guide was a young girl from Africa. In her I discovered my inner child.

All guides have sparkling eyes and you can see their inner wisdom, but I find it even more important that they resonate with my feelings about who is accompanying me from the other side.

The most surprising though was to see my grandma in her forties on the fourth sketch. You can imagine how touching this was (and still is). Melody wrote a message she got from my grandma on the sketch which then was confirmed by an old photograph I found, showing my grandmother at the age of forty-two doing what Melody commented on. I have never seen my granny that young and the portrait looks like her on the photo.

Thank you so much, Melody!
Iris, Brussels

“I so liked the beautiful drawing Melody did of my guide that I framed it and it is hanging in my bedroom. I also bought one for a dear friend of mine who is an invalid and awakens frequently with panic attacks. She told me that seeing the picture on the wall when she first awakes has helped her considerably with the panic feelings and both our messages were on spot and was much welcomed.”

Soni Weiss, CH, Virginia

“When I received my spirit sketch in the mail I didn’t recognize who the person was.  A few months later I was visiting my Mother and saw an old photography on the wall that I had never seen before.  It was her, my great-great grandmother in the drawing.  Melody drew my great-great grandmother.  She died two months before I was born.  Now I know she is around me.  I keep the drawing in my kitchen where I can see it every day.”

Debbie, Tennessee

“Hi Melody,
"The beautiful drawing arrived safe and sound.  You indeed have a unique and noteworthy skill!  Having the image and the name has increased my ability to feel the guide.  It’s wonderful; thank you so much!”

J.R., Maryland

"I met Melody almost one year ago during the Rising Phoenix Grand Opening. My two boys and I each had a Spirit Guide Art Session. It was fantastic.  I began to take more classes with Melody. I have taken the Spiritual Healing Series, and Psychic Art.  I have had regular sessions to include receiving Spirit Guide messages and a Past Life Regression.

"Melody has changed how I see myself and where I'm going. The Psychic Art class was my turning point. I have become more in tune and I am more connected. The class really helped me get out of my head and out of my own way. I'm not there yet, but I am on my way and Melody has been the message, guide, and mentor which have provided that extra push.

"Melody is a one in a million and Spirit truly leads you to those you need in your life. I am thankful they brought me to Melody.  If you have been unsure or have that nagging sense of I should do this, do it; you can't go wrong with Melody. She is a gentle, loving, knowledgeable teacher. You will be glad you took her class, and it will open up a wonderful world of self-discovery. Enjoy."

Deb Mueller
Fairfax, Virginia
June 2015


I have taken several classes and workshops from Melody and have always walked away much smarter and more aware than when I started. Melody is truly a gifted practitioner and teacher.

I know I will continue to take classes with her and have found that when I start to look for information about a specific spiritual issue, I go to her website first to see if she is offering a class!

I owe a great deal to Melody as I become more comfortable with where I am in my spiritual and life pursuits as she has an amazing capacity to help me and others reach our potential. She is a remarkable teacher and has incredible insight ... I am truly lucky to have found her.

October 13, 2015
Kathy H
Washington DC


“Unquestionably, Melody Krafft is one of the most distinguished Spirit Artists we have encountered in recent years.  She calls herself a ‘Soul Navigator’.  But what is a Soul Navigator?

Krafft explains “A Soul Navigator, one who utilizes her lifelong learning to provide extensive information in guided individual sessions, revealing one’s life purpose using the gifts and talents each of us has brought into this lifetime. She identifies challenges and opportunities, showing us there is no limit to what we can do once we know how to seek and live on the Path we are meant to travel. As Melody shares the Gifts of the Path, we can move forward at an accelerated pace, taking our souls from ordinary to their extraordinary destinations.”

Early and Contemporary Spirit Artists, Psychic Artists and Medium Painter from 5,000 B.C. to the Present Day, Maximillien de Lafayette, published 2017.