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What if you had a magic wand to change your life from struggling and scarcity to happiness and abundance?  Would you grab hold of that magic wand?

I’m Melody Krafft and I want to tell you, you don’t need a magic wand, because you already have something even more powerful than magic.  And it resides within you.  And it is waiting for you.  It’s waiting for you to recognize it and use it.  Don’t go away because today is about you.


When you want to arrive straight and true to your destination, a simple compass guides you north, east, south and west.  What if you could find a compass for life that can point to your fate, destiny, past and future?  Whenever you feel lost, this incredible compass provides you with just that tool:  The Soul Compass.

During private sessions or group events, Soul Navigator Melody Krafft will guide you in remembering the voice of your soul and how it helps you navigate this world.  Learning the language of your soul has the power to transform your life.

Schedule an appointment with Melody, held in an atmosphere of support and safety, for

  • your journey of Spiritual Awakening

  • psychic guidance in finding your own Soul Compass

  • receiving messages connecting you with loved ones on the Other Side

  • drawings of Spirit Guides who help you feel a connection with your “team” on the Other Side, and others offering support

  • hearing messages that hold healing energy and help you to live life to the fullest

Should you have any questions about these processes, feel free to contact Melody before scheduling an appointment.

Workshops focusing on your spiritual journey are offered.  For information about the current schedule of workshops, click here.

Thank you for visiting with me today.  I want you to hold onto one thought today.  You have the power to heal your life.
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